Design and the Bristol Car - out now!


The first copies of “Butterfield 3”, Dr. John Hobbs’ study on car design and the work of his father Dudley Hobbs at Bristol Cars, have shipped. The book is printed on 120 gr Freelife Vellum from Fedrigoni (260 for the covers) and features a unique binding (polyurethane rubber instead of glue is used on the sewn sections) that allows the book to be opened completely flat.

The book will be officially launched next month.


Future Projects

Dear visitor,

Butterfield Press is in the process of selecting topics for future projects. We are mainly interested in the motor racing and motor manufacturing world, but the criteria are loosely defined. If you feel a certain driver (preferably unsung) or a character from the manufacturing side of the industry deserves to be celebrated in print, please do drop us a line at, or fill in the form below.

If your suggestion is used, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book.

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Emma Jones


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The Mr Bristol Logo

The helmet that features on the cover of Mr Bristol (and is a recurring theme in the book), was hand-drawn by Gert Jan Slagter based on Crook’s racing helmet from the 1950s.

All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.

A Proud Announcement...

Friday 18th May marked the launch of Mr Bristol - The Remarkable Life of T.A.D Crook. Simon Taylor interviewed author Michael Barton and collaborator Cornelis van den Berg at the RAC Pall Mall Clubhouse about the three-year project. The attendance of Sir George White was very much appreciated. Carole Crook and Stirling Moss were unable to attend, but sent letters.

From left ro right: Michael Barton, Simon Taylor, Cornelis van den Berg